Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Why Scorebin?

While most of the parents are keen on traversing their child's academic progress...many regard time,distance and strenous schedule to be their major stumbling blocks.Little can we blame them for not accomplishing this task against their herculean to-do list.On the contrary,teachers find it even more arduous to contact parents and keep them aware of their child's attendance and test scores which most often demands outsmarting the students.One solution for all the mentioned problems is SCOREBIN.An application that breaks through the communication barrier between parents and teachers and helps them in performing intended tasks with bare minimum effort.
To know more about the app,follow this space regularly...We welcome your valuable feedback.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Welcome to one and all!!

It's a new beginning. A new idea that is expected to climb the innovation ladder and reach a successful launch. Welcome to ScoreBin. An application that will change the way education is perceived.
Lets use this platform to share our views, to make public any important information, to witness the trajectory that ScoreBin takes, to keep everyone informed about the milestones and targets achieved and anything and everything related to it.
Welcome once again. Hope to see active and serious participation from everyone.